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Activision Blizzard employees to walk out in support of harassment lawsuit

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Bob’s Burgers will keep breaking rules in season 12, the eventual movie

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World of Warcraft team pledges ‘immediate action’ in-game after Activision Blizzard discrimination lawsuit

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American Horror Story is bringing aliens back, but at what cost?

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The 5 films that inspired The Green Knight

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The Green Knight makes an old legend truly legendary again

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It’s hard to punch the climate crisis, but Superman’s son is gonna try

A close up of Bob Hoskins as Mario, with Dennis Hopper as Bowser, with a tiny-headed goomba in the background. Behind them the text says “NOT BAD?”
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We were never going to like Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

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Kuis olahragaSpace Jam 2 | The anti-nostalgia bomb, with Adam Pally

Kuis olahragaThis week, Dave and Jonah slam with actor, comedian, and host of the Ball Sometimes Lie podcast, Adam Pally.

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Dexter: New Blood creators want to redefine Dexter’s original finale with new ending that’ll ‘blow up the internet’

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