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Polygon has a merch store!

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Kuis olahragaCome get you some swaaaaaaaag

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Graphic featuring six products from the Polygon merch store
A sampling of our wares
Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

It’s only fitting that today, a mere eight years and six days after the historic founding of Polygon, we’ve decided to launch a merch store. That’s right — you, too, can own your very own piece of the #3 ranking video games website in the United States among men ages 18-34.

“But Polygon, I thought you already had a merch store,” you might be screaming to yourself. And you wouldn’t be technicallyKuis olahraga incorrect. Back in February, we partnered up with DFTBA to launch an exclusive 10 day sale of the Authentic Gamer t-shirt worn by Brian David Gilbert in his .

Since then, we’ve been hard at work creating a line of brand new cutting edge gamer gear, just in time for the holidays. And for those of you wondering — yes, we’re bringing back the Authentic Gamer shirt for good!

Kuis olahragaWhy not spruce up your room with this beautiful glossy ? Show your colleagues how much you appreciate them with a fun , or flaunt your solidarity with this . And you know what’s on every mom’s wishlist this year? A cute, .

Head on over to on DFTBA, and keep an eye out as we’ll be adding more products over the coming months. Lastly, if you have any recommendations on future products you’d like to see, please !