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Year of the Ring

Year of the Ring

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. In honor of the enduring classics, we're exploring every aspect of Peter Jackson's trilogy, from JRR Tolkien's source material to the best scenes and moments, along with the continued influence of Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King on modern pop culture.

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13 Frodos changed action figures forever

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The moral of Denethor’s Lord of the Rings story is stop doomscrolling

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The ecstasy of seeing Lord of the Rings in theaters in 2021

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Lord of the Rings’ best joke is about wigs, dolphins, and soccer

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I wore Arwen’s bridge dress to prom thanks to a united Lord of the Rings fandom

Everybody loves the least definitive versions of the Lord of the Rings movies

The Lord of the Rings technically takes place in March, which hits differently now

The truth about Gandalf

What Peter Jackson’s original two-movie Lord of the Rings almost looked like

The orc daddies of Middle-Earth, ranked

The best Easter eggs in Lord of the Rings are hidden in dialogue

Frodo and Sam’s bread fight is objectively dumb but also crucial

Tom Bombadil is the Stan Lee of Lord of the Rings

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show may focus on Middle-earth’s version of Atlantis

AITA for ghosting my adopted cousin and our entire town?

What hope really meant to Tolkien

Peter Jackson explains the changes he made for Lord of the Rings’ 4K edition

The Lord of the Rings cast is trying to save Tolkien’s house

Watch Andy Serkis live-read all of The Hobbit in one go for charity

Ian McKellen’s unearthed Lord of the Rings set diaries will take you there and back again

The key to Amazon’s new Middle-earth series is Aragorn