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Thunder Force shows why there are so few pure superhero comedies

The new Fallout tabletop RPG makes wasteland combat fun again

Amazon’s horror anthology Them goes overboard with its grueling racial torture

Outriders’ gun playground tells a grim story about colonizing space

The disastrous science fiction movie Voyagers is basically Star-lord of the Flies

Star Wars: Republic Commando review: Who needs the Jedi?

Cozy Grove is Animal Crossing’s chilled-out, haunted neighbor

Your actual blinking eyes are your best defense against a bad death in Before Your Eyes

The Nevers showcases all of Joss Whedon’s obsessions — again

Made for Love review: Divorcing Mark Zuckerberg would really suck

The Xbox Wireless Headset is a great deal — when it works

Who wins in Godzilla vs. Kong? We do.

The sci-fi movie Enhanced does very little with an absolutely bonkers twist

Netflix’s The Irregulars is a satisfying Victorian version of The X-Files

Invincible isn’t as bulletproof as its hero, but it’s still a good time

It Takes Two is the weirdest co-op game ever made

Monster Hunter Rise review: The Wirebug should excite new (and old) fans

Mundaun is the dreadful vacation I didn’t know I needed

Doors takes a promising science fiction premise in baffling directions

The Courier captures Benedict Cumberbatch in a spy story that feels like a rom-com

The dark thriller Happily takes rom-coms into the Twilight Zone

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Justice League #59 has DC’s greatest heroes thinking about a reboot

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Beast Complex provides a different look into the Beastars world

Polygon is updating its reviews program for 2018 — and saying farewell to scores

Zack Snyder’s Justice League does right by Cyborg but no one else

Bruce Willis’ sci-fi action film Cosmic Sin is retro throwback cheese in all the wrong ways

The sci-fi horror movie Come True centers on a universal nightmare

The RTX 3060 is a solid upgrade — if you can get it for its retail price

The Russo bros.’ Cherry brings Avengers excess to the opioid crisis

Warhammer 40K: Kill Team Pariah Nexus gives Space Marines and Necrons powerful new units

The wild anime movie On-Gaku: Our Sound is about amateur passion, onscreen and off

Loop Hero review: an unexpected parable about parenting